How to help

We volunteer every year to do caroling, all 31 days of December, to spread the Christmas spirit in our neighborhoods and to raise funds for the Medical Mission Foundation (Dalaw Kalinga Foundation) that we support in the Philippines. The Foundation is in full operation all year round in the Philippines, providing basic medical, dental, optical and other health services free of charge to our fellowmen who are in need. The donations we collect also provide supplies of food, clothing, and hygienic products to them.

Dalaw Kalinga Foundation Rescue Operation


Other charity recipients include orphanages, rehabilitation centers and scholarship programs.

This year, several parts of the country have been heart-wrenchingly and almost simultaneously hit by earthquakes and typhoons and people are in dire need of financial and medical assistance.

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It is for this reason that we are asking for your heart and your hand to take part in our cause. Any donations you can share will greatly help those who are going through these disastrous times.

Donate Now!